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The Team

Who We Are



Co-Owner | Instructor

Tash started pole dancing 8 years ago hoping to improve her fitness but had no idea that it would become the greatest passion of her life. She loves how fun it is and all the different styles this versatile sport has to offer. Tash started The Nest Pole Studio at the start of 2018 and has loved every moment of owning her own studio. She is proud to offer a supportive, friendly team that has worked hard to produce such a beautiful studio for students to thrive in.


Co-Owner | Instructor

Lauren has been poling for about 8 years and fell in love with it from day 1. Her teaching style is strength-based tricks. Lauren provides a safe, encouraging space to learn and improve and she loves seeing the progress from beginner onwards. Outside of pole, Lauren loves lifting heavy weights in the gym! It's her other passion. She hopes to see you in her class!




Michelle is now 53 and discovered the world of pole dancing at age 42. She believes she’s proof that you’re never too old to learn something new! Pole has helped her develop in strength in body and mind and has given her the power to be confident in her body. Michelle has been a teacher at The Nest for over 3 years and it gives her great satisfaction to see her students grow and achieve their goals. Her classes are fun, energetic and full of laughter and she strives to help people feel better about themselves. Michelle has a favourite quote from Audrey Hepburn, “the happiest girls make the prettiest girls.”



Nika has always been intrigued by the world of dance, her passion mainly in the genre of interpretive dancing confined by her bedroom walls growing up. When she began to see beautiful pole dancers that that graced her social media platforms, she booked in her first pole class through an Open Day at The Nest Pole Studio and has never looked back. For Nika, Poling has become much more than just a hobby, but rather a journey towards self expression and confidence. When you dance for yourself like no one’s watching, this is when you have the most fun.




Rochelle has always been into finding fun ways to stay fit. Having danced since she was 5, she has always loved to see and try different styles of dance. Once she hit university, she found pole dancing and signed up as soon as she could. Ever since, she has loved the fun atmosphere and the amazing fitness it brings. She hopes that everyone can come and enjoy pole no matter what fitness level! 






Abbey has always had a passion for dance and physical expression and performance. She started going to dance classes when she was 2 and a half years old. She dedicated herself to Calisthenics for 16 years and since then she has expanded her repertoire to lyrical, urban, pole dancing, hip hop and burlesque. She began pole dancing in 2019. From the very beginning, she loved the challenge, community and power of pole. 

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Chantelle grew up dancing and has always loved the way it can make you feel beautiful, free and powerful. Pole dancing for 6 years has given her so much strength and joy. She is constantly inspired and challenged by the world of pole and hopes she can spread her passion for it towards her students. 

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