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Terms & Conditions for The Nest Pole Studio


Punctuality – Please be on time to your classes, in fact be 5 minutes early to allow for check in. Students arriving late is very disruptive and not fair to those who came on time. Instructors will be in the studio at least 15 minutes before class. If students are 10 minutes late, they will not be allowed to participate. Students can come in and watch the class and take notes but will not be allowed to do any pole. If you are more than 10 minutes late and miss out on your class, you will not get a makeup class.


Cancellation & make-up classes -
We have no problem if you need to reschedule on of your classes.  You can cancel your booking with 12 hours notice by simply un-booking yourself on the app/website. You can book into a different class up to one hour before the class start time. 

Make up classes must be taken in the same term and cannot be rolled over to the following term.

We cannot offer refunds or make-up classes for missed Dance classes (ie. Floorwork or Contemporary) 


We require a minimum of three students booked in for a class to run.


Teaching and spotting other students – We ask that students not ‘teach’ other students. Please leave that to the instructor.
Students are not allowed to spot other students UNLESS specifically asked by the instructor to do so.
Please keep 1.5m away from other students while covid restrictions are in place.


Social media and posting – If you wish to photograph or video yourself and there are other students or your instructor in the background, you must ask EVERY time for their permission. We have students in our studio that are not always able to share that they do pole, please respect that. Please also respect your instructors' right to be asked if they wish to appear in a video/photo.


Cleaning up after yourself – Students are responsible for cleaning their poles after every class. You need to bring your own towels and use the methylated spirits that we provide. If you use any equipment like the spray bottles, please put them back after class. If you spill grip on the floor, please clean it up straight away.


Covid-19 Practices – During times when covid restrictions are in place, all restrictions and Covid-safe procedures must be adhered to. This will be regularly updated via email and posters in the studio. 

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